You Can Now Get a Complimentary Facial at Sephora That Cleans Literally All the Gunk Out of Your Pores

Let's be honest, if it were up to me, I would spend all day at Sephora. Between swatching new products and sneaking a peek at the baskets of girls walking around with a blinding highlight, there's so much to do in the magical store. Unfortunately, most people who come into the store with me don't necessarily agree. “What could you possibly be doing in there?” my boyfriend repeatedly asks as he sits on the designated bench that's always located directly by the checkout counter. Well, now Sephora is providing all of us beauty obsessives with the perfect excuse to spend even longer in the store and come out even more beautiful 🙌. 

According to Teen VogueSephora is now offering an in-store facial service that's up to "spa grade" quality. I’m probably not the only one who’s thought "Do my pores really look that big?" as soon as I look into one of the bright, high-definition mirrors. So, if you’re looking for a quick facial refresh or just some radiant skin to go with your new red lipstick, this in-store service is perfect for you. 

“The Sephora Perk Hydrating Facial is our first in-store spa grade treatment, powered by our own talented consultants who celebrate beauty each day with our clients," explained Priya Venkatesh, Vice President of Merchandising for Sephora, in a press release.

The service starts with a consultant evaluating the moisture levels of your skin. After your face has been properly cleansed and prepped, the consultant takes a "vacuum" to your face that sucks up all of the oil and dirt that's built up in your pores. If you didn’t think that this could possibly get any better, there are a few more things you should know:

  1. It's free…ish. This service is complimentary for anyone who spends over $75 in the store, which as any makeup or skincare addict knows, isn’t particularly hard to do.
  2. It takes 30 blissful minutes. Say hello to a force half-hour of relaxation! 
  3. I saved the best for last. After the consultant uses the vacuum on your face, everything they extracted from your pores is placed in a separate container, so feel free to check it out. Gross? A bit. Is anyone judging you? Absolutely not.  

This service is brought to you by The HydraFacial Company, a brand that's partnered with Sephora to bring you this to-die-for facial and vacuum. Clint Carnell, Chief Executive Officer of the company, says, "The partnership makes on-the-go skincare treatments more accessible than ever. Clients that experience the PERK Hydrating Facial will leave Sephora with an instant glow.”

So, guess who’s heading to Sephora? (As soon as I finish writing this.)