You Can Now Buy a Fake Pimple Popping Toy & We're Not Sure Whether to Be Happy or Terrified

By now, it's no big secret that most of us are lowkey gross and love the absolute catharsis that is popping pimples. While the feeling of sublime joy you get seeing all that gunk rush out of a teeny pore is oh-so oh-so satisfying, it can be hard to justify the fun when facial scarring becomes an issue. Luckily for you pop-a-holics, two geniuses have solved the problem for us. Enter, the Pop It Pal, the toy we never knew we wanted. 

Fair warning –– if ooey-gooey things aren't your cup of tea, I'd recommend scrolling past this video. 

Created by husband and wife team Summer and Billy Pierce, the Pop-It Pal allows users to pick and squeeze till their heart's content at fake pimples which spew out fake pus. Each fake "skin-slab" comes with 15 ready-to-pop spots which can be refilled with a dropper of extra "pus." Oh, if only dealing with real pimples were this simple (and fun).