All the Beauty Products I'm Switching To Now That It's Finally Spring

Hello spring! I'm so glad to be slowly moving out of the days of heavy coats and dry skin, and heading in the direction of florals and dewy looks. But with this transition comes the need for a shift in my beauty routine and the products I'm using, and yours probably needs an overhaul as well.

Though the basic concepts are the same (you still want to moisturize and brush your brows) the formulas and colors you're emphasizing should change for the season. Here's the rundown on what to swap in for warmer weather and sunnier days.

Pull back on the heavy moisturizer.

Winter skincare is all about moisturizing to help offset the effects that cold air has on your skin. But during this in-between stage when we're just dipping our toes into spring, the air has more humidity and the body produces more oils – so like, you probably don’t need to obsess about packing on the moisturizer. That’s not to say that you can go without moisturizing, but I totally recommend switching from a heavy-duty cream to something lightweight with SPF in the formula.

One of my favorite everyday moisturizers is the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($14) because it smells great, contains SPF, and makes a noticeable difference in my hyperpigmentation and acne scars. This lil' bottle has got your back through spring and summer.

Swap out dark lips for bright tones. 

I love a good dark lip, just reference my Instagram feed which is literally full of them. But as someone who has to live and breathe Florida summer heat, I like to opt for natural shades as it gets warmer.

Dark shades, especially creamy ones, can get messy fast in the heat. So if you want something a little bit more low maintenance, stick with bright nudes and corals, with a soft gloss on top. Nyx is my go-to when it comes to lip products, and their Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil ($7) is perfect for hot days when you just can't help but get little sweaty.

Stock up on sheer foundation.

Keeping with the theme of ~reducing the mess~, switch out your current foundation for something lightweight that's more likely to stay put. A heavy foundation, while great for winter, just leads to a slippery, oily skin in the summer – unless you want to go through the tedious process of trying to set it properly (my advice is matte primer, loose powder, foundation, loose powder, then setting spray to lock it all in).

But if you’re not into all the setting effort, or simply don’t want to put all that product on your face, I suggest switching to a sheer-to-medium coverage foundation, or even a BB cream.

Waterproof everything.

One of my favorite activities when the weather warms up is to go swimming. If you're the same way, you probably know that water is detrimental to your look, no matter if you're spending time in a pool, lake, river or ocean. While my first line of advice is to simply go #barefaced and embrace the natural, I completely understand not comfortable without a sweep of eyeliner. If that’s the case, check out some great waterproof formulas! 

One of my biggest tips is to keep your makeup as minimal as possible. Instead of a full-face of foundation and contour, try just spot oncealing. Instead of a full smoky eye, just tightline your eyes and add mascara to the ends of your lashes.

My sneaky trick for waterproof lipstick is to not wear any at all. Find a lipstick that leaves a stain behind when it’s removed like, Jordana’s Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip ($5) and wear it the day before. When you take it off at night, you have a pretty lip stain that lasts for a day or two, and that’s just perfect for a dip in the water.

Commit to clarifying shampoo.

If you choose to hit the pool this summer (and especially if you have blonde hair), you need to be investing in a clarifying shampoo. Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water, while great for keeping the water clean, can wreak havoc on your hair. Highly porous hair absorbs these chemicals leading to dry, brittle, and sometimes even “pool-smelling” hair. Blondes can experience some discoloration of their hair, leaving it a green tinge. Though we used to be limited to only high-end products, lots of drugstore companies are coming out with cheaper alternatives to keep your hair fresh and healthy – and decidedly not green.

While it’s hard to believe it’s already spring, I'm so excited for what's to come. The next step is just to make sure my skin, hair and makeup are ready too. 

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Fun Fact: The seasons were portrayed by three goddesses in Greek mythology called Horae named Hallo (the bringer of blossoms), the goddess of spring and blooming, Auxo (the increaser of plants), and Carpo (the bringer of food) was linked to autumn, ripening and harvesting.