We Might be Doing Our Makeup All Wrong, According to Bobbi Brown

You would think that after days and months and years of wearing makeup, we would have the basics down.

Blush? Smile to find the apples of your cheeks. Lipstick? Use a lip pencil first to define your lips. Have we been doing it all wrong?

Not necessarily, but when the beauty gods give us the gift of Bobbi Brown, we listen. If anybody knows how to utilize skincare and makeup to make others feel beautiful and confident, it's her.

For blush, Bobbi says, “I like to use two colors. A natural color that is the color of your cheeks when you exercise… I like to add a pop of a brighter color right on top."

When finding your perfect nude lip color, Bobbi recommends, “to try it on the inside of the lip, and if it just enhances, it’s the right color.” 

And when it comes to lip liner, her tip on using lip liner on top of your lipstick had us running to the mirror to try. We’ve been told to always line our lips before lipstick, but her technique not only blends in the lipstick but also gives natural, full lips.

Want more? The brand's YouTube channel also has how-to videos on perfect, luminous skin and gorgeous eye makeup. 

These videos take us back to the basics, and that is just what we need as 2015 is picking up and Spring semester is in full gear.

The finished look—with just cheeks and lips—is so polished and stunning that we’ll be wearing it every day the rest of this season! Thanks to Bobbi, we feel #PrettyPowerful.