We LOVE the Reason Miley Cyrus Chooses to Do Her Own Makeup for Shoots

Miley Cyrus is the definition of good girl gone bad girl, gone good again. When she was known for sticking her tongue out and riding a huge wrecking ball, she proudly explored that version of herself without shame. Now she's swtiching gears with confidence again, and is embracing a more natural, happier and healthier Miley. In fact, the "Malibu" singer thinks her current, minimal look is even more punk than before.

In an interview with Harper’s Baazar, Miley opens up, saying she felt like it was becoming expected of her to act and look a certain way. “It became something that was expected of me. I didn’t want to show up to photo shoots and be the girl who would get my tits out and stick out my tongue," she explains. "In the beginning, it was kind of like saying, ‘Fuck you. Girls should be able to have this freedom or whatever.’ But it got to a point where I did feel sexualized.”

Now, instead of meeting everybody else's expectations, Miley is setting her own. This is why she does her own makeup for shoots, so she's able to keep it minimal and in control. “Even at the Met Gala, everyone had their boobs out, everyone had their ass out, so what’s punk about that now?” she points out. If keeping it lowkey is punk now, we’re definitely on board. And we're even more about women taking charge of their bodies in the media, instead of someone else sexualizing them.