These Tiny Deodorants Look Exactly Like Lip Balms & I'm Highkey Obsessed

Don't you just love when you realize you forgot to put deodorant on, or when it wears off before the end of the day even when you do remember? It's impractical to carry around a big stick of the stuff and so obnoxious to apply in public. So, Secret is doing us a huge solid by creating on-the-go Freshies! These tiny deodorants totally look like lip balms, meaning they're easy to throw in your purse, car, backpack—anywhere!

Janine Miletic, the marketing director at P&G, says the idea came from "consumer feedback about wanting a more transportable stick" and that women told Secret "it was too difficult to shove a normal-sized deodorant underneath their shirts or around their necklines," according to Refinery29. We 100 percent feel that. Plus, these babies offer the same formula as the regular stick version, so they work just as well! 

The adorable little minis come in four fresh scents: Paris Rose, Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender and Chill Ocean. Look for them starting this March for just $5!