These $12 Masks Save My Skin From Being a Hot Ass Mess

Sometimes your face is just having One Of Those Days. And, by now, if you're someone who regularly tunes into Face Mask & Chill, you know that the answer to One Of Those Days is multi-masking. Multi-masking is basically using a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, to really target your skin's specific needs. Dry forehead? Hydrating mask. Acne-prone cheeks? Zit-destroying mask. Boom. It's basically magic.

What's less magical is having to spend a zillion dollars on these masks. Especially when you're using more than one, the $$$ really adds up. I love a good, expensive, ~luxury~ mask as much as the next skincare obsessive, but I also really like a dang bargain, and these masks from found, a beauty brand at Walmart, have honestly helped me in my time of need.

found is a line of bizarrely affordable skincare products available at Walmart, and you're actually going to want to get your hands on these.

Because, trust me, all of your friends are about to. I saw them floating around the world of Instagram, and naturally I was like, okay, I'll bite. Because Instagram has become the home of beauty, and I have yet to be disappointed by the gems I find on my friends' feeds, and on influencers feeds, and on the feeds of other editors. It's pretty damn cool.

But back to found. These masks remind me of the masks I used to rely heavily on in middle school, but in a really, really good way. They're straight to the point. The packaging isn't the sexiest, but it'll still make a good shelfie and it won't embarrass you when your friends come over. It's what's inside that counts, or whatever, anyway, and what's inside is seriously so yummy and good for the soul that I can't stop recommending these to people who are like, wait, what do I do about this zit, or, wait, what should I do about this strange wrinkle popping up on my forehead.

I use these in a few different ways.

Because found is so affordable, it's given me a lot of room to play around and do some trial and error. I love the found Pore Care Moor Mud ask for my bacne, because it's summer and I have zero time for these angry back zits. I love to multi-mask with the found Firming Blackberry Face Mask and Clarifying Kaolin Mask, because kaolin is the freaking best and it just sucks all the crap out of your face, while the blackberry mask does wonders for my dry ass forehead. 

Also, who knew papaya was so good for your skin? Because of its active enzymes and vitamin c, papaya moisturizes, brightens, and clarifies, making it a good mask to reach for when you look like a zombie and literally have no idea why. It always helps perk up my skin a bit and never leaves it feeling dry or tight, like other masks often do. Because that tight, tingly feeling you get from some masks is a sign of irritation, not it closing your pores. Sorry! 

Skincare is fun and lovely and often a good form of self care, and it's good and nice that brands like found make it possible for us to engage in this practice without spending tons of money. So go forth and slather, and be sure to DM us your mask selfies.

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