#TBT: 8 Trends from the '90s We May or May Not Miss

Can you smell the teenage spirit? In the '90s, Nirvana was top dog, Gwen and Brad were an It couple and everyone went overload on body glitter. It was also the era of questionable beauty choices. Let’s reminisce on some of the most memorable beauty fixes of the '90s!

1. Skinny brows

In an anti-Brooke Shields movement, '90s ladies waxed, tweezed and shaved their eyebrows into thin arches. We shudder to think how long it took to grow them back out...or whether they did at all.

2. High pony

Also known as “The Fountain Head,” this look required a sky high pony and of course a fabulous scrunchie to finish it off. Now we know where Arianna Granede got her inspiration from.

3. Butterfly clips

No hairstyle was complete without these teeny tiny hair accessories. They work wonders on a braided style or to pin back bangs.

4. Crimped hair

Crunchy and unnaturally wavy crimped hair was all the rage, for some reason, during this era. Nowadays, we’d like to stay as far away from a crimper as possible.

5. Spiked up 'do

Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, or so we think, spiked up buns were a cool alternative to your average updo. Set with heavy duty gel, this style could last all day long. Bonus points for butterfly clips.

6. Blue eyeshadow

Bold, excessive and perhaps a bit gaudy, blue eyeshadow was the go-to shade for the '90s woman. Thankfully, there are more flattering, modern ways to apply the colorful shade.

7. Mini buns

First seen on the likes of Bjork and Gwen Stefani, mini hair buns were rad and added a little edge to your 'do.

8. Lip-tastic

Whether it be your favorite tube of LipSmackers or Lip Lix, every gal made sure her pout was shiny and colorful.