Spotted on Shelves: Tyra Banks Beauty

Don't pretend like you've never smized in front of the mirror before (or tried it in a selfie). If it didn't turn out quite like you had imagined, never fear—Tyra Banks herself is here to give you a little help in that department.

(And we don't mean this tutorial).

So how do we even try to get on her level? Besides booking the Victoria Secret Fashion Show or starting our own super successful TV show, what’s a girl to do?

Well, Tyra has just invited you to her world... TYRA Beauty!
Her new beauty line has three cornerstones: "beauty, business, badassery." Sounds pretty Tyra to me! She’s calling her new line a “beauty equalizer” to prove that not everybody #wokeuplikethis, and with the right tools you can “transform what you’ve got into what you want.” There are 12 total products in the line, ranging from $24 to $78. Her line is all about perfecting the eyes, cheekbones, and lips, which is pretty much a fail proof model formula if you ask me! You can get tips & tricks from the master herself, and as for what we're most excited to try out? The 6 Minute Tyover, which promises to deliver a natural, gorgeously contoured face and plump lips in a short amount of time (perfect for when we're dashing out the door to that 9 a.m. lecture).
It’s nice to get confirmation that even supermodels need a little makeup here and there to beautify them, so what are you waiting for collegiettes? Get your smize on, prepare yourself for your very own TYover, and join Tyra’s World! You want to be on top?

Will you be trying Tyra's new line? Sound off below!