You Guys, Sia Went Wig-Free at LAX Airport

Sia is a superstar if there were ever was one. The award-winning, chart-topping Australian artist has collaborated with Rihanna, Beyoncé and David Guetta, to name but a few. But, contrary to other famous people of her caliber, few of us would actually recognize her if we saw her on the street. Sure, you've seen her intense as fuck black and white wig with a giant bow on it, and you''ve probably even caught a glimpse of her crimped blonde one. Maybe you even went as her for Halloween! So it's not surprising that the singer left us all a little shook Thursday by appearing at Los Angeles International Airport sans wig. Sia—ahem, see—for yourself:


Sem disfarces, #Sia foi fotografada enquanto chegava ao aeroporto LAX, em Los Angeles.

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That's right, Sia is super hot—even at the airport, where I somehow always end up looking like I took 12 shots the night before, even if I got eight hours of sleep and put on mascara. So why does she wear a wig if she's so damn beautiful? It's actually a question of self-preservation. According to Billboard, the star's "shy and withdrawn personality was at odds with her public persona" and she has made efforts to stay out of the spotlight throughout her career. This has also enabled her to escape the harsh (and inherently sexist) scrutiny of famous female bodies, and maintain a semblance of stability in her life.

As Elite Daily points out, this isn't the first time Sia steps out without a wig, but it is a rare enough occurrence to warrant some surprised reactions on our part. And if you don't think what she does with her hair is that big a deal (you're right), you have to at least admire how this girl can look like such a damn queen in frickin' sweats. Show me your ways, Sia.