Sasha Obama Dyed Her Hair Blue Ombré & Now I Want To Too

Last week, Sasha Obama got to hang out with Cardi B and her fiancé Offset during the Broccoli City Festival in Washington D.C.. Beyond that fact that we’re high-key upset our invitation to pal around with Sasha and Cardi was lost in the mail, it’s clear that Sasha and Cardi B are redefining our definition of friendship goals. Both Sasha and Cardi B rocked some blue hair at the Broccoli City Festival, according to BET.

The Daily Mail reports that Sasha debuted her azure ombré locks during a performance by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. Honestly, the subtle transition from her natural hair color to the bold blue shade is enough to make us want to dye our hair. (BRB, currently researching to see who Sasha’s hair stylist is.)

However, Sasha wasn’t the only person to don blue hair at the festival. Allure notes that the other half of her budding friendship, Cardi B, also rocked cerulean hair. Sasha and Cardi B trendsetting hair color will probably boost hair dye sales in the foreseeable future. Also, this isn’t the first time that Sasha has been our hair inspo, seeing as we’re still attempting to replicate her famous braided updo from the state dinner in 2016.

While we narrow down what shade of Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye (for that damage-free ~look~) we want to use on our own hair, blue is clearly the unexpected summer shade that we need in our beauty routine.