Sarah Hyland Is Not Here for You to Talk About Her Face 'Transformation'

Celebrities get criticized for pretty much everything they do or don’t do. Living in the spotlight would be so frustrating, especially with how open media can be regarding celebrity rumor speculation. Just imagine not being able to post anything without thousands of people immediately having an opinion about. It’s no wonder that Sarah Hyland has never been one for internet trolls, and she definitely had no time to deal when a publication offered it's opinion about her appearance.

Life & Style recently published an entire article dedicated to discussing Hyland’s face, though it has since been updated according to her response. Not only did it originally talk about the changes in her face over the last 10 years, but it contained expert opinions about whether or not she had had plastic surgery. Imagine having professionals (with degrees and everything) just sit around and critique your face. Hyland wasn't happy about it, for obvious reasons.

Hyland took to Twitter to shed light on her frustration, and why she was so appalled at the article. As it turns out, Hyland has actually faced many medical challenges in past years, some of which have had side effects on her body, and something that is totally common when taking strong medications. She opened up about the difficulty she’s had with her health problems, saying that it was “the worst medical year” of her life.

Hyland has always been very open about her health, disclosing to the world her kidney dysplasia and her kidney transplant. Needless to say, assuming that every difference in a celebrity's appearance is due to plastic surgery––a serious issue in Hollywood––is not okay. It’s important for everyone to realize that ~outside forces~ have effects on human bodies, and that celebrity's are people with feelings and insecurities too.

Hyland has shown everyone the importance of being confident and standing up for yourself to haters.