The Prettiest Hairstyles We Found on Pinterest

As spring semester kicks into full gear, the time we have to spend getting ready in the morning goes from as-long-as-we-want (read: winter break) to roughly a few minutes, and that's being generous. This means our hair rotates between the same few styles—the quintessential top knot, I-woke-up-like-this (literally) waves, the classic ponytail... to name a few. So, we turned to Pinterest to give our creativity a little boost and pulled together seven gorgeous looks that are way easier than they look—and are perfect for any occasion ranging from class to your sorority formal.

1. Braid-ponytail hybrid

It’s a ponytail, it’s a braid... and it’s fabulous! Texture, hair accessories and a little volumizing product make this 'do an easy fix for any outing. Add some lift to your roots with TRESemmé’s Two Extra Hold Hair Spray ($5). Tease your hair gently with a boar brush. Starting at the crown, section off hair to create a side braid. Use Charmsies’s Star Iron-in Hair charms ($12) to add some sparkle. Gather the braid and the rest of the ponytail together with an elastic. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic. Finish with hair spray.

2. Twisted bun

Give your sock bun a rest and take this elevated bun out on the town. Heavy duty hair pins—like the Simple Styles Spin Pin from Goody ($3.79)—are the secret to making this style stay secure all day long. First, curl your hair with your preferred method. Twist your hair as your gather it into a ponytail. Take a section of your ponytail, roll it into a loop and pin it in place. Keep looping and pinning until all of your hair is secure. Spritz with a setting spray and you’re done.

3. Rolled half up-do

For those days when you just feel like getting your hair out of your face, try doing so with unique rolled up-do. Separate your hair into two sections. Twist each section until it starts to roll on itself. Arrange each twist to your liking with bobby pins. Secure the sides of the twist with pins as well. If you have any little hairs sticking out, you can pull them out for a messier look or tuck them back into place. A little shine spray, like One ‘N Only’s Argan Oil Spray ($11.99) will give your 'do a sleek look.

4. Messy mini buns

You’ve got that messy bun look down, no problem. Take it up a notch with not one, but three mini buns for a cute up-do. Separate hair into as many sections as you want buns. Twist the two sections that start at the crown. Wrap them into a bun and loosely pin them into place. Let your hair do its own thing! Wrap the remaining sections into loose buns and secure them the same way. A little spritz of EVA NYC Surfs Up! Texture Spray ($9.99) will give your mini buns a matte finish.

5. Hair bow

A toned-down version of Lady Gaga’s infamous hair bow, this cute hairstyle is great for everyday wear. Grab small sections of hair from both sides. Cross the sections at the back. Tie hair into a bow and secture with bobby pins. Wear the rest of your hair straight, wavy or curled. Mini bobby pins from Conair ($1.89) will help secure your look.

6. Braided updo

Here's a cute ‘do that complements side-swept bangs. Start by giving your roots some major volume. Use Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray Mousse ($17.95) on dry hair for added fullness. Pin hair into a pompadour. Split your remaining hair into two sections and braid. Cross the braided sections across your crown, pin into place, and take this look out for the world to see.

7. Bobby pin up-do

Create a simple 'do in an unexpected way! Try Sephora Collection Ombre Bobby Pin Ups ($6) to make even the easiest hairstyle stand out. Simply separate hair into two sections. Cross them over each other. Slide pins over those sections in a triangular formation. Make sure you secure the hair to the crown. And that’s it—you’re done!

Now, all you need to do is take your Pinterest-worthy hair out on the town! Let us know which of these looks you're trying this weekend, collegiettes!