Prep Your Skin for the Summer with This Divine Skincare Prize Pack

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We know you’re ready for summer, but how about your skin? A healthy dose of vitamin D does the body some good, but sunbathing in excess can clog your pores and cause some unsightly results. No one wants to look like a lobster with blotchy acne and burnt skin. Hold on, though. Before you head out to buy a new cover-up or four-month supply of aloe vera, there’s a better solution to prep your skin for summer.

Let us introduce you to Paula’s Choice skincare products, a range of treatments and cleansers that help prevent and reduce blemishes, calm redness, and more so you can achieve your best skin yet. Notably effective for incredibly smooth and spotless skin is Paula’s Choice CLEAR line, offering powerful acne-fighting formulas without any harmful ingredients, fragrance or color that can actually worsen redness and inflammation. Because not all acne is the same, the CLEAR line features two systems including a Regular Strength Kit for mild to moderate acne and an Extra Strength Kit for moderate to stubborn acne, alongside a Two-Week Travel Kit for summer trips and an easy-application Acne Body Spray to get all of those hard-to-reach places. These formulas work to fight acne unlike anything else, and the choice to trust Paula’s Choice is crystal CLEAR.

It turns out the secret to healthy, beautiful skin isn’t how many hours you spend basking in the rays, but how much you protect it from harmful effects of the sun and UV radiation. Just in time for summer, we’re giving five lucky winners a prize pack full of Paula’s Choice goodies worth over $150 in value, including items from the CLEAR line, powerful SPF products and more!

If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive the following Paula’s Choice products:

Show up to school this fall with flawlessly CLEAR skin and a true sun-kissed glow. Take precaution now and get summer-ready skin by entering to win one of five Paula’s Choice prize backs below!

Prep Your Skin for the Summer with this Divine Skincare Prize Pack!