Our 11 Most Pinned Hairstyles of 2016

2016 was a big year for hair. We saw natural textures dominate, the lob cut made a huge comeback, and hidden rainbow hair actually became a thing. Check out our most-pinned hairstyles of the year from our beauty board. Did your favorite trends make the cut?

1. The effortlessly messy braided bun

2. These long beachy waves

3. This sleek brushed back pixie 

4. These gorgeous double dutch braids

5. This loose side braid

6. This no-fuss beach braid

7. The lob cut with beachy waves and a deep side part

8. This bold bob

9. These wavy highlights

10. This lovely ombré

11. These workout-ready twin buns

What trends will 2017 bring? We can't wait to see.