This Nutella Liquid Lipstick Is Here To Save 2017

Lets be honest, 2017 was a weird year. Between heartbreaking celebrity breakups (I’m looking at you, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris), rompers for men and Kendall Jenner’s ill-fated attempt to make it all better with a can of Pepsi, we deserve something for making it through this year. In fact, we deserve something the one thing that will truly make us happy: world peace makeup and food combined. 

That's why the Beauty Bakerie has created a set of Nutella-inspired, and, more importantly, smelling line of lipsticks appropriately named Nude-tella

 While they may not be edible, it sure is closer to your mouth than your Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Beauty Bakerie is selling these delicious lips in their signature “Liquid Lip Whip” formula, and they come in a set of four that retails for $60. The shades included are just as stunning as they are punny. 


This shade has gorgeous grey undertones that will make this summery light pink perfect for the winter. 

Skinny Dip

This classic nude shade is a must-have in any collection! While you definitely have a million nude lipsticks, you totally don’t have ones that smell like Nutella…

Birthday Suit

This shade has similar undertones to Nudi-Tea, however, it is overall a bit darker. 

Bake It Naked

When you think of Nutella, you think of this shade. It looks good enough to eat (but seriously, please don’t). 

Is it too late to put this on my Christmas list?