Nothing Can Prepare You for These Super Realistic Pimple Popping Nails

Content warning: this manicure isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m going to be honest , if you haven’t had your afternoon coffee yet, this just may not be for you. 

Still here? Well, if you believed that 2017 couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong, because pimple popping nails are a thing now. We never realized how good we had it in 2016! We kept pimples to ourselves back then. Now is the dark time, and it all started with the rise of Dr. Pimple Popper. I’m not going to lie, I was strangely fascinated along with the rest of the world. There was something about the grotesque nature of every single pimple that reminded me those few blackheads on my nose really aren’t that bad––and suddenly we all became comfortable with other people's problem skin. For something so natural that had always been a taboo (especially during middle school), it was amazing to see how quick we all were to celebrate the gross

Then came the ~pimple cupcakes~. It's one thing to watch a video of a pimple, and another thing to eat a fake (but horribly realistic) version of one. These cupcakes allowed you to squeeze a simulation whitehead out, then enjoy the rest as a treat after. NO. Obviously cupcakes weren’t enough, and now, people have created a pimple-obsessed accessory they can wear all the time. Cue pimple popping nails

Youtuber Natasha Lee designed these unique pimply popping nails, and even made an easy-to-follow DIY video so that you can create your own. She used banana cream to create the “puss” effect, and put the cream under a thick coat of hard nail glue so that the “zit” had something to “pop” out of. *cringes*

To add to the effect, she used red nail polish and designed the entire area to look eerily like a ready-to-pop whitehead. Could you imagine wearing these in real life? When would you choose to pop them––in class? Waiting for coffee? On a date? Would you save them for a big occasion or just let them pop naturally on their own for the full effect? 

While I don't think that I'll be sporting these anytime soon, kudos to Lee for potentially starting the weirdest/most detailed beauty trend of the year.