The New MAC Palette Has a Name We Can All Relate To

The term “basic bitch” is usually used for a person who loves whatever is trending. This girl/boy/nonbinary betch loves pumpkin spice, totes abbreviates all words, and makes sure that liner wing is always on point. The term is usually meant to be offensive, but MAC embraced it in the best way—because hello, basic and proud! MAC’s upcoming Basic Bitch palette has shades that can create go-to looks and there’s ~basically~ no better way to describe it. The name is too perfect!

Backstage at Milan Fashion Week, Netta Szekely, a senior makeup artist for MAC, shared a sneak peak that had makeup fiends the world over freaking the eff out. The Basic Bitch Palette contains nine beautiful shades for a perfect chic look. Basically, everything a basic bitch needs!

There are no further details as to when this palette will be released and how much it will cost. Keep your detective hats on, beauty junkies, this is for sure a must-have!