New Hot Product: CC Cream


I am sure Collegiettes are aware at this point of new craze for the hot Korean skincare product BB Cream (and if you are not get the scoop here). Well just when you thought it could not get any better a new and improved version is popping up on beauty department shelves. The name of the product? CC cream.

CC cream, which stands for colored correcting cream, is a new tinted moisturizing cream. It is slightly different than the BB cream we started using not so long ago. The cream provides coverage and sun protection all while looking completely natural, just like BB cream. In addition, CC cream also has a lighter texture and comes in a more diverse array of sun protectant factors and pigments. The best part about the new and improved cream is that it has spot-reduction and brightening properties. This means that by wearing the cream, you can overtime improve your complexion by making it more even and reducing dark spots.

There are only a couple of options available in US retailers right now, but I expect to see more soon. Collegiettes should try some for themselves before DD cream hits the shelves….

CC Creams Available In the US:

Olay CC Cream, Olay, $22.44

Chanel Cream Correction Complete,, $79.99

Rachel K. CC Cream, Rachel K. Cosmetics, $30.99

Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, Juice Beauty, $39.00

Ideal Skin Perfect Finish, Wei East, $30.00


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