This Natural Skincare Brand Is Cara Delevingne's Secret for Glowing Skin

If you've been intrigued by natural cosmetics lately, but are hesitant to take the plunge, you may want to try Trilogy Skincare. This New Zealand brand has been available in the U.S. since 2015 and retails at Whole Foods and Amazon, among others. Products start at $15, which is a pretty small price to pay for not putting a bunch of crap on your skin. Oh also, Cara Delevingne is obsessed with it, so there's that.

Trilogy originated when two sisters (yay for boss ladies!) discovered the benefits of rosehip oil. This miracle ingredient does everything, from providing deep moisture to minimizing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Since then, the range has grown to include tons of amazing natural ingredients, such as acai oil and caramel. Is your foodie heart happy yet?

As for Cara, she uses the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ ($29.99 at Amazon). According to, the celeb uses "a few drops of this skin smoothing hero after cleansing in the evening and before her moisturiser come morning." Sounds easy enough?? Supermodel skin, here I come.

If you need another reason to add Trilogy to your skincare regimen, the brand takes its commitment to social responsibility VERY seriously. They partner with international organizations to support fair trade production and female empowerment, and do everything in their power to protect the environment, so you can feel really good about purchasing their products.