Match Your Mani to Your Phone Case

There's an old-fashioned rule saying that your accessories should always match and complement one another: jewelry, bags, shoes, belts, the works. Well, here's a new one for you: your manicure and your phone case.

With the debut of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we've been stalking the cutest new phone cases—and why not have a bit of fun with it and find the manis to match? Check out our top picks below!

1. Fresh Mint

Mint will always have a special place in our hearts, tea, coffee, chocolate, ice-cream...and phone case. We love the ombré chevron of this phone case, and how cute does it look with this cool polish color?

2. Far Out

Your phone is out of this world! And make that literally out of this world with a galaxy-patterned phone case. Your matching nails can just be as space-tacular with a deep mauve layered with a purple shimmer. How perfect for fall is this look?

3. Shine Bright Like an (Orange) Diamond

Diamonds are two things: bright and strong—just like this diamond-patterned case! We love the bold orange, but you'll find tons of other shades, too. 

4. Jaguar Lady

Mreowww! Stay fiesty with this boss lady case. With a matching manicure, you are sure to turn heads with the purrrfect pairing every time you whip your phone out. Full-on leopard nails too much for you? A solid nude will look just as good.

5. Shades of Warm

Red, coral, purple, yellow, pink...these colors are sure to keep you warm during the fall and winter months. No need to switch out your case with your mani because with this many colors come many opportunities (including white, which we say you can wear after Labor Day)!

6. À la Nude

And by nude, I meant your iPhone case. The iPhone 6 is shatterproof and waterproof, which is great news for all those who love to keep their phone bare. Fortunately, you can still have fun with your polish options!

Have any of you collegiettes snagged the iPhone 6 already? Let us know what your favorite case is—and what nail polish color you'll be sporting to go along with it!