Lush’s New Fall Scent Just Topped Pumpkin Spice & We Are Shook

Alright October babes, I know how much you love your daily PSLs and pumpkin-scented everything, but people grow––and the reign of pumpkin spice has officially ended. You’re probably wondering how any other scent could top something so iconic as pumpkin spice, yet Lush Cosmetics has finally done it. Say hello to your new obsession: Cardamom Coffee.

Lush made their Cardamom Coffee perfume available in the UK last winter, but the beautiful little bottle is finally making its way to North America. Let me just say, you’re going to want to coat your body in this immediately. Cardamom oil and rose oil are the main ingredients of the perfume, which create a smoky, sweet smell to make you feel warm and relaxed. If you could bottle the feeling of fall, this would be it. The aromatic perfume transports you to crisp Saturday mornings spent wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and drinking hot chocolate, and the long-lasting wear means you can feel the autumn bliss all day. Plus, according to Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom seeds serve as a means to fight depression in the form of tea, so say goodbye to your winter blues, too! 

Be warned, though coffee may be in the title, this smells nothing like your typical cup ‘a joe. The scent is much more evoking of an exotic spice than traditional coffee brew, but I’m not complaining. The perfume can be purchased at Lush’s three Gorilla Gallery Tours in 30mL ($76.95) or 100mL ($154.95) liquid perfumes, or a solid perfume ($15.95). Don't worry if you can't make the tour; you can buy your own bottle at North American Lush shops or online later this month. In the meantime, stay up to date on all of Lush's launch dates and new perfumes on Facebook and Instagram. It's time to kiss pumpkin spice goodbye, and welcome a warm cup of Cardamom Coffee into your life this fall season!