Lush Launched An Adorable Father's Day Collection, So You Can Turn Your Dad Into a Skincare Obsessive Too

Father’s Day is less than a month away, and if you’re still scrambling to find your dad the perfect gift, Lush Cosmetics recently launched a new cohort of shower goodies—so you don’t have to get your pops another tie. The line includes bath and shower essentials perfect for all the dads in your life, and in total, the Father Day collection adds eight new additions to the Lush family (which we're probably going to shop for ourselves too, NGL).

These paternal products range from a multi-use body cream, to facial scrubs, bath bombs and more. While it might be hard to choose the perfect bathroom essential for your dad, the price range is college student friendly, seeing as the items range from $5.95 to $26.95.

Though it’s impossible to choose just one of these limited-time products, here are a few of our favorites:


While every superhero doesn’t wear a mask, all superheroes do takes baths (we think). Whether your dad is busy fighting deadlines at his office job or combating the mosquitoes while mowing the lawn, he’ll love this comic book-inspired bath bomb.

Fun For All The Family

Okay, your dad might not know what a fidget spinner is, but explaining to your dad that this gift is basically a reusable bath time fidget spinner will definitely entertain the whole family. Though you can only use bath bombs once before they obviously dissolve, this citrus-infused product is a ~reusable bath bubbler~. Because who doesn’t like self-made bubble baths?

Dirty Shaving Cream

Despite the name, this product is anything but dirty. Because one of the active ingredients is cedarwood oil, this cream not only makes shaving painful (literally), it also moonlights as a cleanser and an effortless form of self-care. The earthy and woody aroma has a naturally soothing effect, which will make your dad’s morning routine seem like a relaxing ritual.

Beyond these three should-be-staple bathroom products, Lush’s Father’s Day collection also includes the Avobath, which is an avocado-enrich bath bomb that would make even the Hulk green with envy; Dirty Springwash, which is a minty shower gel that would make anyone want to binge-wash; Moustachio, which a hyper-moisturizing soap bar; and so many more skincare, haircare, fragrances and shower products.  

Regardless of which of these products you choose to get your dad, these products will amp up his shower time and self-care regime. After all, is there a better present than the gift of self-care?