5 Super Lightweight Products for a Breezy Summer Makeup Routine

In the hot summer months, I can’t be bothered to fully pack my face with a million products when it’s all going to melt off the second I step out the door. I'm just trying to get out of the bathroom and run through the sprinklers already, serving looks while doing so. So, I love a good natural and easy summer routine. Here are the essential products for a weightless, but effortlessly Insta-ready look.

  1. 1. Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done

    Urban Decay, ulta.com, $36; shop now

    The Naked Skin One & Done is a “hybrid complexion perfector,” which is just a fancy way to say that it totally evens your skin tone. I always get compliments on my skin when I wear it, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup!

    It works in the same way as products like tinted moisturizers and CC creams. This means it’s actually working like a skincare product, while blurring imperfections and giving the flawless effect of foundation. This is my go-to for summer because it doesn’t feel heavy on my face—it actually feels just like a moisturizer—and though it has SPF 20, it does not make my skin feel like a greasy sunscreen-y mess.

  2. 2. Glossier Brow Flick

    Glossier, glossier.com, $18; shop now

    If you’re not trying to fully carve out your brows with Dipbrow every single day, only to have it melt halfway down your lid by lunchtime, I get it. But if you’re still trying to have perfectly placed brows, Brow Flick is the answer. The microfine pen creates super natural-looking, light strokes that look like real hairs. Think temporary microblading!

    Eyebrows make arguably the biggest difference on your face. If your summer makeup routine is next to nothing, this is the one product that will bring you to bare-faced perfection.

  3. 3. Glossier Boy Brow

    Glossier, glossier.com, $16; shop now

    Boy Brow is like the older sister to Brow Flick. The grooming pomade fluffs brows while shaping, thickening, and adding slight pigment. Boy Brow also comes in clear if you’re aiming for the fluff and hold only.

    Brow Flick and Boy Brow are amazing on their own, but put them together and name a more powerful duo. I’ll wait. The best part: Glossier will give you $4 off when you purchase the two of them together.

  4. 4. Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

    Maybelline, ulta.com, $7; shop now

    Clear mascara is not talked about enough. It separates and defines your lashes without making it obvious that you put something on them. Racoon eyes are not the look we’re going for, especially in the summertime.

    If you have naturally stick-straight lashes, you know the struggle of always whipping out the lash curler. The glossy gel holds your curl so well, it’s like hair spray for your eyelashes.

  5. 5. Benefit Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain

    Benefit Cosmetics, sephora.com, $30; shop now

    The buildable color can be applied on lips or cheeks and is perfect for natural looks. Benetint adds a slight pigment and stays locked in place through all the summer activities. The tint is especially nice if lipstick isn’t your thing, but you want to add a little color.

Your face will feel practically naked, while looking flawless with minimal effort. Need I say more?  

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