Kris Jenner 'Hacked' Kylie Cosmetics Social Media for an Upcoming Mother's Day Collection

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram followers were met with a surprise when the brand posted a menacing black and white video saying that the account had been hacked. In the comments, many speculated that this wasn’t the work of a skilled hacker, but rather, an announcement for an upcoming collaboration

It's a well known fact that Kylie has shared the wealth of her makeup empire with her family, expanding the line to what I can only imagine are mutually beneficial collaborations with sisters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and even one with her own daughter, Stormi (however, that was more of an ~inspiration~ than a collaboration). Since she’s running out of family members, there were only so many names that fans guessed for the upcoming guest appearance – mainly mother Kris and sister Kendall. 

The next day, Kylie Cosmetics, now with the Instagram handle @KrisCosmetics, confirmed that the rumors were true with a video of mom(ager) Kris Jenner looking fierce stepping out of a Rolls Royce and striking out the name “Kylie” to take her place on the throne. Needless to say, it was iconic. 


Hey guys.. it’s me! and oh, my collection drops on Mother’s Day.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything that we know so far about the special Mother's Day takeover products, because, like Kris, they’re a lot

Face Powder Palette 


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Based on the video, it appears that this is a highlighter and bronzer palette, featuring three highlighter shades that range from very light to medium, accompanied by a light looking bronzer. What really grabs my attention here are the hilarious names: It's Raining Pussy Willows, Your Sister Is Going To Jail, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, and I Raised You On Mac N’ Cheese 😂

Eyeshadow Palette 


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This eyeshadow palette looks perfect for a smokey eye and features what appears to be eight glitter shades, and four mattes. I’m honestly not sure what I love more, the fact that the palette opens up to read “I have one word for tonight… vodka,” OR the hilarious names given to the shades themselves. Payback’s A Bitch, Does It Come In Black and It’s An Emergency might not have to do with the shades themselves, but they have absolutely everything to do with Kris. 

Give Me A Kiss Set


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The middle finger packaging! Ah, while I’ve never bought a product exclusively for the packaging, there’s a first for everything. 

Momager Lip Set 


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This eight piece set features a combination of mattes, velvets and glosses, which makes it the absolute perfect gift for any mom who wants to change up her look, but isn’t well versed enough on Kylie’s many formulas to know her favorite. 

The entire collection becomes available May 13 (Mother’s Day) on The devil works hard, but apparently Kris – and Kylie Jenner – work harder.