Kourtney Kardashian Has the Easiest Detox Secret Ever

Kourtney Kardashian recently shared the easiest detox ever on her app. She just eats a lot of beets! Kourtney explains what beets are, what they do and why she loves them. "Beets are considered a superfood and are a source of nutrients that are known for being packed with antioxidants and detoxifying agents," she says. Kourt also explains that beets are better steamed  for 15 minutes because by juicing or overcooking them, they will lose their most important benefits. Because you can never be too sure with Kardashian health tips, HC fact-checked her claims: Authority Nutrient shared 101 nutrition facts about beets proving everything Kourtney wrote is accurate.

The eldest (and hands-down healthiest) Kardashian sister also wrote that beets have "anti-cancer benefits." On the Doctor Oz website, it says that "the rich red color of beets actually comes from the cancer-fighting antioxidant betalain. Betalains starve tumors and hinder cell division. Researchers have shown that adding a quarter cup of beets, about 3 or 4 beet slices, to your daily diet can reduce your kidney cancer risk." That is so awesome! Kourtney recognizes these benefits and tries to eat beets as much as she can.

She eats beet chips...

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...drinks beet juice...

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...and uses beet powder for smoothies.

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There are so many ways to incorporate beets into your diet. This is basically the easiest way to look and feel your best, so keep it in mind next time you go grocery shopping!