Kourtney Kardashian Is Getting Her Own Kylie Cosmetics Collection, & It Makes for the Prettiest Soft Glam Look

It's a blessed day: Kylie Cosmetics has officially confirmed that a "Kourt" collection is happening, and ever since Kourtney Kardashian herself showed off a gloss in a past episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we've been patiently waiting for a hint of what this makeup debut might hold. As of yesterday, the finished product list has been revealed, TG. 

The pastel-packaged palettes house hues of shimmery gold and bronze shadows, as well as some muted shades like an orange and an earthy red. These pigmented products made their way to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, where she showed off the vibrant packaging and shots of Kourtney wearing the pieces from the release, including a stunning red lip color. In addition to the shadows, the collection holds three lipsticks named "French Kiss," "Minnie" and "Rad" – apparently inspired by Kourt’s “go-to colors,” according to Elle


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As a bonus, you can even see the new collection in action from Kourtney's time at Coachella! Makeup artist Rokael Lizama glammed Kourt up in her own creations and posted a snapshot of the beautiful result. The gentle shimmer makes for an epic “soft glam” look, as Lizama calls it.

The Kourt Collection will be available to shop as soon as April 24, so get ready to show some love if Kourtney is your fave Kardashian sister.