The Internet Is Pretty Confused About These Phallic-Looking 'Conch' Makeup Sponges

Beauty sponges are everywhere, with no makeup guru feeling complete without them. Love them, hate them, or in a committed relationship with your brush set, there’s a good chance that you’ve tried one at some point or another. However, not all sponges are made equal. After the craze of the cult-favorite Beauty Blender, other companies were quick to find another sponge shape that’s promised to blend even better. 

We’ve seen it all from hearts to hourglasses, but none are rated or raved about as much as the original shape. However, Sephora decided to give it another go with a unique design. 

The Sephora Collection Ocean Crush Sponge Set ($12 at Sephora) contains two coral-colored sponges “that apply and blend beautifully for a flawless makeup finish.” While we're 100 percent sure this sponge is fab and would give us the airbrushed glow we've been dreaming of, the internet seems to be more focused on their shape than anything else. Dubbed the “shell sponge,” and designed to look like a conch shell, people just aren’t seeing it, and have gone to Twitter to create some interesting comparisons for the new beauty product.

@RawBeautyKristi, a makeup-Youtuber, who is known for being completely (AKA brutally) honest about products, seemed to be at a loss of words for this one: 

Others tried to speculate where Sephora *actually* got their inspiration from. 

Others were just simply confused. 

While it currently has four stars on Sephora’s website, this sponge above all could definitely serve as a conversation piece for any makeup collector.