I’m Out Here Thriving This Spring, All Thanks to These Products   

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As much as we have loved our chunky sweaters and fuzzy socks, we have to admit that we’ve had our fill of winter. Playing in the snow with our BFFs and drinking delicious seasonal lattes has been fun, don’t get us wrong. But we’re just ready to break out our new wrap dresses and sunnies and soak up the springtime magic.    This Spring, we’re ready to live our best lives and absolutely thrive — that’s why we’re leaning on these go-to products to keep us looking and feeling radiant as the temps start to warm up.    

Stepping up our skincare game   

 This spring, we’re opting for an ~au naturel~ glow. Our first step? Making skincare our priority and getting that natural radiance. We’re absolutely living for Palmer’s line of natural skincare, specifically their Coconut Oil Formula Face Collection and classic Swivel Stick chap stick (can’t go wrong with moisturized lips). One of our favorite things about Palmer’s is the fact that their products are made with sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients, and ICYMI, we’re out here trying to achieve that dewy look that’s good for both you and the planet.   

 Especially after months of winter-induced dry skin, we love a good sheet mask to get that moisture back. This hydrating sheet mask from Palmer’s does wonders in rejuvenating once lifeless and dull skin — catch us sheet masking every night for the rest of spring semester, TBH.    

If you’re more of an exfoliant kind of girl, the Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub Is actually everything you need and more. Scrubbing away the dry and dead skin to reveal a bright, fresh complexion is soooo satisfying, TBH.   

Once you’ve treated your skin to a much-appreciated scrub and sheet mask, lock in all your skin’s natural hydration with this Coconut Water Facial Moisturizer. To finish it off, use the classic Swivel Stick for taking care of dry, chapped lips that might be lingering from the chilly weather.   

Getting our glow on   

 Now that it’s warmer out, we can finally throw on our bathing suit and shorts and we CAN’T. WAIT. But how to get that golden glowing beach tan without the harmful UV rays? Don’t worry because Bondi Sands has your back with an extensive self-tan regimen.    

 First, for that sun-kissed Aussie tan, try the Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam. Simply apply with the Bondi Sands application mitt for a streak-free glowing tan. This award-winning self-tan formula is enriched with Aloe Vera to hydrate your skin and a coconut scent keeping you feeling fresh and clean.    

Next, touch up your tan with Liquid Gold Dry Oil, AKA the perfect radiant tan in a bottle. Enriched with Argan Oil and infused with a coconut scent, this dry oil replenishes your skin with a natural-looking golden glow.   Finally, don’t forget to pick up the revitalizing Self Tan Eraser, which safely and effectively removes self-tan product without the need for heavy exfoliation. Similar to a makeup remover, erase your tan once a week to start fresh on cleansed skin for the most natural looking glow all-year round.  

Pick up all of these Bondi Sands products and more at your local Walgreen’s store and available online at Walgreens.com.    

Protecting & accessorizing

While you’re keeping your skin out of the sun, don’t forget that your eyes need a little added protection when the weather heats up, too. We already know that tracksuits are officially back (bless up), but JUICY also has a huge selection of geometric sunglasses to get you through spring break, festival season and all of the summer Instagram shoots your heart desires. 

Personally, I’ll be rocking these butterfly frames to hide my brunch hangover all summer long.  

                                                                         Samantha Kim (@samanthakimm)

All about  the  adventure .

 This spring, we’re committed to fulfilling our wanderlust dreams. We’re talking memorable getaways, weekend trips we’ve been dying to take, or even getting know our hometowns by taking a vacation tour of our city (it never hurts to play tourist).   

 Whether it’s a cross country road trip or just a visit back to our hometown, make sure you’re traveling in style with LeSportsac. From backpacks to totes to super cute cosmetic bags, you’ll be set for any quick trip or long journey—just make sure you’re keeping your schedule organized in a way that works for you (personally obsessed with The Juliet Rose Pocket Agenda from Rifle Paper Co. for keeping track of miles driven, money owed to our BFF and stops along the way).    

 No road trip or quick weekend getaway is complete without a serious arsenal of snacks. While we just have to pack our classic junk snacks (they’re essential, TBH), we’ll also be packing some healthy, sustainable snacks for the trip to balance it all out. Stash a few KIND Snacks in your glove compartment to always stay prepped when you’re in need for a healthy pick-me-up.    

 Honestly, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t just a little bit sad to leave the cozy, snowy Winter scene behind us. But let’s be real — it’s time to freshen things up for Spring and completely thrive while we’re at it. Thriving is a state of mind but using our favorite products doesn’t hurt to keep us feeling our very best all Spring long.  

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