Huda Beauty's Latest Product Announcement Is Freaking Me the Fuck Out

It's no secret that beauty vlogger Huda Kattan is awesome. Between her tried-and-true Rose Gold Palette and highlighter palette, this boss lady is a certified makeup guru. Any announcement of hers has us shook, and the latest is definitely no exception. She took to Instagram to announce the Huda Beauty Fender Blender, which is basically a beauty blender shaped like a finger. Get it? LOL, Finger Blender, hence "Fender." Apparently it's the brand's first tool. My mind is blown.

If you're wondering how this can possibly be real, you're onto something. The Fender is meant to launch April 1, also known as a little thing called April Fools Day. Make of that what you will, but the internet already has thoughts on this extremely divisive beauty issue.