How to Wear Summer’s 3 Biggest Beauty Trends

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

“Glow” might as well be the beauty theme of 2018, and we’re not complaining. Beauty bloggers, brands and influencers alike have made illuminated makeup aspirational, but we’re here to share how to actually mix and match products to execute a full dewy-yet-natural makeup look that you’ll love through back-to-school.

Whether you’re a beauty obsessive or the kind of girl that doesn’t do much beyond mascara each day, we’ve selected the best products for skin, eye, and lip that anyone can use, all from Beauty by POPSUGAR sold at Ulta Beauty. Inspired by a network of over 100 million POPSUGAR beauty junkies, this collection contains the most-loved by women everywhere, and you’ll def being seeing these across your feed this season.

1. Natural Glow

What should come first in your epic summer makeup routine? Skincare, always. Radiant skin is a trend with a long shelf life, so wear a tinted moisturizer to achieve the look in 2018 and beyond.

Once you finish your morning cleansing and priming, smooth on a silky layer of the Just Enough Tinted Moisturizer to add color and brightness to your complexion. We love this moisturizer because it has SPF 15 to protect your face from sun damage, but it’s also hydrating and sheer enough that you’re still in your own skin – just with a little extra oomph. What’s the secret to this formula? No bad stuff! There’s only healthy ingredients: kukui seed oil, coconut oil, blueberry oil, hibiscus oil and green tea extract (so it obv smells yummy too).

2. Shimmery Shadow

Once you’ve got glowing skin covered, move on to enhancing your eyes for summer shine. The Be Noticed Eye Shimmer Putty Powder comes in six shades ranging from purple to icy white, and it’s the most Instagrammable thing your #shelfie will ever see.

With the feel of putty and texture of sparkle moon dust (yeah, it’s actually THAT cool), the shadow has a pretty innovative formula that glides on well with either a brush or your finger. Plus, this shadow builds on in layers, so you’re in total control of how sheer or bold you want your eye makeup to be. Are you ready for this glow up?

3. Dewy Lips

The last piece of this summer makeup trinity continues the “radiant” trend and utilizes Be the Boss Lip Gloss for the ultimate dewy pout. You’ll want to carry, like, five of them in your purse at all times – it’s a quick on-the-go lip color that contains nourishing lip oil, so you can get shine and a refresh all at once.

Want something less tinted and more prismatic? We also love the Be Cosmic Crystal Liquid Lip for days when you want to turn that glow into a full-on ~galactic beam~. Made with the same good-for-you ingredient as the rest of the Beauty by POPSUGAR products, this gloss is made for selfies and just begging to be worn at a summer music festival.

Ready to live your glowy summer makeup dreams? Pick up these faves from Beauty by POPSUGAR exclusively at Ulta Beauty, and don’t be afraid to spend a few extra minutes (or hours) combing through the playground of possibilities to find even more staples you’ll love. Ulta Beauty carries more than 20,000 products from over 500 brands so you can find whatever suits your summer vibe and stock up on all that glimmers.