How to Turn Your Entire Bathroom into an At-Home Spa for Under $75

With all of the stress that comes with being a motivated and busy student, relaxation couldn’t be more essential. Packing up and heading to the spa whenever you feel stressed would be ideal, but spas can be expensive and unrealistic on a broke girl budget. Luckily, you can create an at-home spa right in your own bathroom.

For under $75, I’ve put together a list of the steps you can take to create spa-level relaxation perfect for loosening up after class and meetings. So, grab a glass of wine, your fave face mask, a bath bomb, and a fluffy towel – let’s get to work unwinding.



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Get organized.

If your space is an absolute mess, you are never going to be able to fully relax. Taking the time to go categorize your things and get them put away is essential if you want a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

I know organizational and storage solutions can be super expensive, especially if you buy traditional plastic, acrylic, or ceramic storage containers. The adorable and less-expensive alternative I use in my own bathroom are these fabric storage bins from Home Depot ($9). My sister and I share a bathroom, and we overhauled all of our scattered, disorganized skincare and body care – now, our bathroom has these storage bins keeping everything tucked away and organized (plus, we each chose a color, so there’s no “accidentally” using the other’s expensive serum).

Keep the essentials nearby and categorize everything else so you can keep your countertop or shower clean and clutter-free. For a spa-like feel, store things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, or nail polishes in jars with lids.

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Upgrade your basics to feel more luxurious.

Obviously, being able to renovate your bathroom with a giant jacuzzi tub, mirror, overhead lights, and other luxury spa items would be amazing – but that’s not a possibility when you’re in a dorm, and it’s also not financially feasible. But choosing to selectively spend can make everything feel more luxurious without breaking your bank account.

Start with your towels. Are they soft, fluffy, quality and big? Choosing new towels that really fit what you’re looking for makes a difference. You don’t have to splurge on $50 towels, though. My favorite way to upgrade my bath situation is to get a few of these luxurious bath towels ($13) because they are such a nice quality and last forever. You can get them in different colors, and the body towels are big enough to really wrap up in!

Add in a soft matching bath mat outside of your shower or bathtub, plus a cozy bathrobe, because these will help you feel soft and soothed amidst all that college stress.



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Set the mood.

Consider the lighting situation in your bathroom, and if there are ways you can warm up those fluorescents for something more Instagram-worthy. Try adding twinkly lights somewhere in your bathroom, like these ones from The Home Depot ($7) that are absolutely gorgeous. You can switch off the big light in your bathroom and opt for these instead, because they’re pretty, calming, and will definitely fit your spa ~aesthetic~.

Next, bring in your favorite candles. They’ll help set the mood for relaxation while adding a layer of aromatherapy bliss. If you can’t burn real candles in your dorm or apartment, these $12 LED ones work just as well.

When you actually settle in for your shower, bath, or skincare routine in your new at-home spa, put on a soothing playlist – I love the calming ones by Spotify!

Add nourishing products to your routine

Whether you’re a bath or shower person, special skincare and body treatments are the most important aspect of creating an at-home spa experience. Even if your bathroom is small and dimly lit, you can feel renewed if you take the time to use pampering products.

Living like you’ve been at the spa all day means feeling blissful. To do this, of course you can follow your daily skincare routine, but if you elevate the products you use, your hair, face, and body will thank you (plus you’ll be so relaxed). Here are three products I recommend trying out for a spa night!

Raw Sugar Healing Power Hair Mask ($10, Target)

I’ll be the first to admit that I was crazy intimidated by the words “hair mask.” It sounds messy and difficult, and I was pretty doubtful that it would have any effect on my hair. But this one by Raw Sugar is amazing. After you wash and condition your hair, you apply this generously all over, leave on for 10 minutes, and then wash off. The whole process of adding an extra step to my hair in the shower actually relaxes me, because I feel like I’m really treating myself and taking good care of my hair. Plus, the amazing ingredients in this feel make me feel nourished and healthy.

Bliss Mint Chip Mania Soothing and Cooling Mask ($13, Target)

I love this mask as an affordable skincare option! It’s made with aloe vera to hydrate and soothe, plus shea butter “chocolate chips” that literally leave your skin so soft. This mask feels amazing and gives you all the spa vibes without overwhelming price tags.

Sleepy Lotion ($10, Lush Cosmetics)

Let me be real for a second: literally any product Lush makes is probably going to give you all of the soothing, relaxed vibes you could ever want. This lotion is my go-to at night for winding down and getting comfortable and ready for sleep.

With these products (plus using what you already have), you can have an at-home, dreamy spa experience without putting too much on your credit card. All of these products total under $75, so your mental health, skin, and budget will all thank you. I hope you can find a way to have a relaxing bathroom that’s ready to calm you down after any stressful day!