6 Ways to Elevate Day 4 Hair (Because I Don't Want to Wash My Hair Either)

Not in the mood to wash and style your hair? Join the club. Personally, I look at not washing my hair as an extreme sport to see how long I can go before I actually have to wash it. My version of adulting is definitely using dry shampoo for four days in a row, and still taking care of what I need too.

Next time you can't be bothered to wash your hair (ahem, tomorrow), here are six ways to elevate that day four hair.

Dry Shampoo



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Dry shampoo is the answer to everything. No, but seriously, if you’re on day four hair, chances are you’re going to need dry shampoo. It’ll be your best friend if you don’t like you wash your hair, so grab some and go with it. Personally, I’m pretty loyal to Batiste ($9). By loyal I mean like I’ve gone through about 20 cans and I love it’s affordable price tag.

Word of advice: Spray dry shampoo the night before so that the white cast is gone when you wake up in the morning. Touching your hair and playing with it makes it greasy!

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Clips, scrunchies and headbands are your new squad. It also really helps that hair accessories are super in at the moment. I say go for the retro, '90s vibes accessories so that you don’t look like a preschooler. Pearl clips are having a moment and they’re way chicer than your average bobby pins. 




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I think hats are easiest tactic to get away with skipping a wash in the summer and winter. In the summer you wear a floppy hat, and in the winter you don a beanie. Then we have the baseball cap that’s all-season friendly. Either way, a hat can save the day when you can’t bear the thought of having to do your hair.

Curl it



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Let’s face it, everything looks better with a curl in it. If you really want to elevate that day four hair, spray in some dry shampoo and put a few curls through your hair. Embrace your natural texture and any bedhead. You'll get a beachy look and it’ll make a huge difference sans an hour washing, drying and styling effort. Plus, you’ll trick people into thinking you actually did your hair!

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Get Creative



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That braided style you saw on Pinterest that you’ve been waiting to try? Now is the perfect time to test it out. Braids and updos work better when your hair is dirty because it has some hold and texture, so day four hair is the perfect time to try that braided crown.

Bun It



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When all else fails, put your hair up in a bun. I think having your hair up and out of your face is really sort of relaxing in a way. A high bun always works, and a low bun looks amazing with cool earrings. Basically, buns make it seem like you tried harder than you actually did.