How to Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup


It’s time to learn to love what you’ve got and play up your natural coloring. Let your eyes do the talking and use shadows that will take a complementary role, not overshadow what’s already there!

First, primer makes a huge difference when trying to achieve a natural eye. “Priming the eyelid is going to be a great step because it’s going to perfect and get rid of any discoloration or redness,” Owens says.  Give Mary Kay’s Eye Primer ($20) a try!

When choosing eye shadow colors, Owens recommends sticking close to your natural skin tone. Depending on your tone, you will look for shades that are creamy and taupe or light bronze and soft charcoal. Too Faced has a perfect neutral shadow palette ($36).

Owens says Urban Decay’s Naked Palette ($52) is versatile for every look. “It’s very easy to work with, and you can take it from a very natural look to a very dramatic look,” she says. “The palette will take you many places!”

If you want to wake up your eyes and make them pop, you can play with subtly highlighting them.  “Once you choose and apply a neutral shade [to the lid], use a darker color in the crease and highlight the inner corner of your eye and underneath your brow bone [with a lighter color] to help accentuate the eye without looking overdone,” Owens says.

We all know girls who draw on eyeliner so thick that you can barely see their eyes. For your everyday look, why not try tightlining instead?

“Line the inner rim of your upper lash line and work it into the lashes themselves,” Owens says. “It can create a lot of definition [and] make your lashes appear darker and fuller without looking like you’ve done dramatic makeup.”


There are many ways to flaunt bold lip color when the time, outfit and occasion are right. For your everyday makeup look, it’s important to stick with a nude color that’s effortless and flattering. Every collegiette’s nude shade is going to be different, whether it’s a rosy pink, a shade of mauve or a shade of brown.

Lipsticks with beige, peach or pink undertones will be the best options for achieving nude, natural color. For lighter-skinned collegiettes, beige undertones will complement your complexion nicely and prevent a washed-out look. Darker-skinned ladies should look into shades with peach and pink undertones.

If you’d rather skip the lipstick, you can polish off your look with a sheer gloss.

Owens recommends Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer ($5) or CoverGirl’s Jumbo Gloss Balm ($6.89-$6.99) for natural-looking hydration and a glossy finish.


There’s nothing wrong with sporting a fresh face. Pretty soon it’ll be your favorite accessory! We’ve seen everyone from celebs and fashion models to collegiettes tossing aside their normal makeup regimen to go back to an au naturel look. What do you think of this growing beauty trend? Have any tips to share? Comment below!