How Gloria Steinem & The Lipstick Lobby Are Empowering Incarcerated Women

When you think of Gloria Steinem, “beauty influencer” isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind. However Steinem is entering the beauty industry head on in a powerful collaboration with The Lipstick Lobby.

Lipstick Lobby is most commonly known for philanthropic efforts through – you guessed it – lipstick! The social justice beauty brand has created several different shades in support of organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, but this month, they’ve created something new targeted towards raising visibility for incarcerated women. 


We are honored to announce the launch of our newest shade #INTHECLEAR. Our mission has always been to stand up and fight for women. All women. It’s a sad reality that thousands of incarcerated women are locked up and often forgotten about once in the system, defined by their past and usually unprepared for their future. We rarely get to hear their stories, their struggle, and the unique perspective they bring to our world. The Lipstick Lobby is lucky to partner with @gloriasteinem and the @unprisonproject to help change that. 100% of net profit from this nourishing Vitamin E lip balm benefit the UnPrisonProject to provide incarcerated women with resources for a successful future. Join the fight and shop yours today from the link in bio! #INTHECLEAR #StandforALL Special thanks to our photographer @katepowerslovesyou, our Creative Director @kellyhillstylist, and our Creative Producer @jrhproduction for being on this journey with us. Thanks to the crew @danibob, @davidastyles, @annamonomaniac, @bertillenoiret, @kevintvu and @penumbrapics, @fualbert, @andreszz, @robertmassman, @estebanaladro, @lukaszpukowiec, @oliviasnyderspak, @dblok22, @savannahholte, @_sierramin, @ayakudomua, @theoriginalheatherhero, @castpartner and @merielday.

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Together, Steinem and The Lipstick Lobby have launched In the Clear, a clear lip balm intended to raise money and awareness for the unPrison Project (a non-profit dedicated to educating women in prison with foundations necessary to restart life post-sentence). According to Refinery29, this lip balm represents the importance of clarity throughout life after incarceration, but most importantly, this shade represents the thousands of women imprisoned in America made to seem “invisible” to society. All proceeds raised from sales will go directly to the unPrison Project to fund programs that aid in self-discovery, personal wellness and healing, and education and literacy. These programs are crucial in the empowerment of inmates, and insures that they have the opportunity to make the most out of life after prison.

Who would’ve thought that just one little lip balm could represent so much? This collaboration is an incredible opportunity for beauty enthusiasts and activists alike to focus on raising awareness for this significant population. So, the next time you walk into a Sephora ready to dump a ton of cash on the latest and greatest lip tint, think about how you can do your part in aiding thousands through Lipstick Lobby purchases. 

You can get your own balm for $19 now and learn more on the unPrison Project on the organization's website.