How To Get Your Best Lashes

What girl is not dying to bat a pair of long and luxurious lashes? If you were not born with quite the set, or are looking to enhance the set you were given, look no further than the pro tips below.

1. Apply extra virgin olive oil or castor oil to the root of lashes once a day.

Apply it before bedtime along the top lid with a cotton swab or Q-tip. Wipe the excess oil off and go to sleep. Rinse the remaining oil off of your eyes the next morning. Collegiettes should see results in 3-4 weeks.

2. Find a mascara with certain key ingredients.

Some ingredients in mascara are more helpful to showcasing your entire natural lash than others. Collegiettes should look for soy protein, acrylates copolymer, and panthenol, pantenthine or pro vitamin B-5.

3. Find the right mascara wand.

You should look for a smaller wand with a lot of teeth placed tightly together on the brush. This type of wand will reach lash roots better and work to extend lashes as much as possible. To add thickness to lashes go for a fluffier wand, which allows multiple coats to be applied on top of one another.

4. Apply primer as well as mascara.

The primer will stick to lashes, so when you apply mascara on top of it, lashes will appear thicker.

5. Eat the right stuff.

B vitamins, especially biotin, can help eyelashes, as well as your head hair grow longer. To increase the biotin in your diet, consume some biotin-rich foods such as cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, mushrooms or eggs.

Many of the quick remedies for longer lashes, such as drugstore and salon extensions or curlers, are usually damaging to lashes in the long run. They may cause eyelash hairs to fall out. Other remedies, like the prescription serum Latisse, have been shown to have adverse reactions in some people, such as discolored eyelids. It is important to know the consequences of using these products to enhance lashes. The safest route is to take care of your lashes and to use remedies like the ones mentioned above.

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