How to Fake the Perfect Blowout at Home, No Salon Visit Necessary

When you wash and blow dry your hair at home, it’s usually nothing like the sorcery that goes down in the salon chair. Going to the salon is certainly a magical experience—all the wonderful smelling shampoos, oils and conditioners the stylist uses seem to transform your hair into a glossy and shiny masterpiece, rather than a dry, frizzy mess. However, if you think that the perfect blowout is something you can only achieve in the salon, then I have some good news for you! I spoke to Diana Giacalone, a stylist at Jack Alexander Salon and Spa, about how to fake a salon blowout at home, because you deserve a good hair day—even in the middle of a pandemic.

1. Begin by washing your hair.

Although a salon blowout seems like witchcraft, faking one on your own is a lot less complicated than you may think. “If you want to fake a blowout and do it yourself at home, then begin with shampooing your hair. Use a good conditioner from middle to end and rinse with cold water—it seals the cuticles and makes your hair shiny,” Giacalone explains. Showering in hot water the whole way through is oh-so-tempting, but you don’t want to skip this step.

2. Grab your towel, and don’t forget the product.

“Towel dry your hair and get out as much of the moisture as you can,” Giacalone continues. Be sure to go easy and gentle on your hair so you don’t cause any damage. “Spray a primer and heat protectant spray into your hair, and add drops of Moroccan oil for long hair. Comb through to distribute the product.” Make sure you’re focusing on applying the product midway down to the bottom of your hair shaft so you don’t weigh down your roots.

3. Ready, set, blow dry.

“Blow dry your hair in sections until your hair is about 90% dry. Try to wrap your hair twice around a round brush, going section by section with the blow dryer,” says Giacalone. “Blast it with cool air to set it, and to add some volume, wrap the top section of your hair around a round brush and spray it with hairspray.” Recreating a salon blowout will save you time and money, and you’ll look so good that no one will guess that you did it in your bathroom at home.

Who says that a perfect blowout can only be achieved in a salon? With the right tools and steps, you can fool ‘em all with a DIY blowout that looks like you just hopped out of the chair.  

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