You Need to See What House of Drunk—Drunk Elephant's NYC Pop-Up—Looks Like

If you’re as obsessed with Drunk Elephant as I am, I’m here to inform you that the cult-favorite skin care brand has opened a pop-up in New York City. Called the House of Drunk, the neon-colored store is the stuff of dreams. It has inflatable furniture, faux fur walls, and, of course, product everywhere.

Opening June 14 for two weeks in SoHo, House of Drunk has a vibrant look with a “good acids, no bad trips” theme. You know, referring to the glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric acids that appear in many Drunk Elephant products.

The entire space is stimulating and visually appealing (yes, lots of Instagram's to come from your visit), but I need to talk about the LaLa room—a lavender nook dedicated to the newly redesigned LaLa Retro Whipped Cream. The brand is releasing a new formula of the lotion that's available now at House of Drunk and will be on sale more widely in the upcoming months. The room is designed with LaLa caps, and behind each one there's a #DEsays message. 

If you enter the store feeling a product overload, the brand has a touchscreen quiz that you can take to determine what makes sense for you based on your skin care needs. In addition to all of this, House of Drunk is also selling a ton of Drunk Elephant merch, like totes, hats, and shirts, that are typically only available online.

Visit the pop-up at 89 Crosby Street in New York City and good luck ever leaving.