'The Guardian of The Forest' Bath Bomb Is Back at Lush & If You Aren’t Hyped, You Should Be

That’s right, Lush Cosmetics has re-released one of your favorite bath bombs, and if it isn’t in your top five bath bombs, it probably should be. The vegan-approved company recently announced the return of the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb and we’ve already bought 15 of them—for those self-care emergencies (i.e. every day).

Late last year, Lush Thanos’ed a ton of our favorite products. Unfortunately, the Guardian of the Forest was one of the discontinued products that fell victim to Lush’s snap. Just like the Avengers: Infinity War deaths that obviously aren’t permanent (don’t @ us, Russo bros), Lush brought back the forest-themed bath bomb.

Honestly, the Guardian of the Forest ($7.95) is the perf bath time necessity for any aspiring forest witch. The bath bomb has a mossy but citrusy scent. Beyond the earthy aroma that will put you more in touch with Mother Nature herself, it’s also infused with rosewood oil, which has antibacterial properties that can help soothe blemishes. Because your mental health shouldn’t be the only thing that’s pampered during your self-care routine.

If you didn’t want to embrace your witchy ways, you probably will now. But we can’t blame you if you pick up a Guardian of the Forest bath bomb just for the aesthetic alone, because just look at it:

Between this iconic smell, the fact that Lush supports trans rights, and the fact the Lush's Dream Cream is actually a dream come true, it’s impossible to choose our favorite part about the Lush experience—because shopping at Lush is an experience. But we’re not the only Lush stans who are happy to see this fan fave find its home of the Lush shelves (and our bathrooms) again. Self-care obsessives on Twitter are basically celebrating the Guardian of the Forest’s return.

“Lush brought back my favorite bath bomb, Guardians of the Forest, and I am so happy I could cry,” one Twitter user writes. TBH, the bath is the ideal place to cry. Nobody to judge you, and the bath water can quickly cover up the evidence that you show real, human emotions.

Another user notes that Guardian of the Forest basically has the best smell ever and we couldn’t agree more.

Other Twitter users are letting Lush know which products they want to see make a comeback. After all, iconic comebacks are everything.

Now that Lush cosmetics resurrected the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb, we can’t help but wonder which self-care faves Lush will bring back next. While we’re waiting for Lush to reverse-Infinity Gauntlet their grass shower gel, we’ll be stocking up on this cult-favorite bath bomb.