Is Glossier's New Bubblewrap Eye Cream Legit?

Every single time Glossier drops a new product, it seems like people already have their cards out ready to purchase – or people are trashing it and coining it as awful before even knowing what it is. There is no middle ground and their following, almost cult-like, is always there to back them up. It's hard to figure out what to actually believe!

Glossier, whether you like it or not, has a killer marketing team and social presence which is definitely a huge factor for the "hype" on Instagram. We'll call them the Supreme of skincare, and to no surprise the newest release is already making its way around Instagram and Twitter. It's called Bubblewrap, an eye and lip cream.

Will you be trying it?

Here's the tea



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Bubble wrap is a 2-in-1 eye and lip cream. It has hydrating and plumping properties and contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane and avocado oil with a light, feather-like texture. On social media, some people are loving the hydrating ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acid, but some are squashing the product for the hidden silicones and phthalates. 

The online chatter

Glossier releases were pretty polarizing on social media upon release, so you can’t help but wonder: is it legit? Glossier has some cult classic and favorite products. Boy Brow – yes!  Balm Dot Com? Pick your flavor, but the product is loved by many! Will BubbleWrap reach that status?



Good morning guys! Today @glossier launched their very first eye cream and I’m so excited to share with you my first impressions! Glossier sent me this little guy a week before the launch. Since then I have happily added it to my morning and night time routines. Let’s get started. ✨*BubbleWrap Eye cream #glossier 💕Packaging: When I first opened the box I was a little shocked by the packaging. To me this looks a touch less cutesy (compared to the rest of glossier skincare), and almost a bit more medical. However, what really impressed me about this bottle was the air tight container, and the handy pump that it comes with. It makes it extremely efficient to dispense the eye cream, while obtaining an optimal amount for application. 💕Texture: When I first pumped the eye cream out I immediately thought it was going to have a more viscous texture. To my surprise this is actually rather airy and it takes very little effort/time to apply and massage onto the under eyes. Once on the skin Bubblewrap sits rather well and it feels light yet quite hydrating. 💕Immediate Appearance Changes: After application my eyes look smooth, and the fine lines on my under eyes look a little more plump. Also I have noticed that this almost makes my under eyes look a little brighter, but I believe that’s due to it leaving a semi “wet” finish on my skin. A wet skin surface is always going to reflect more light as opposed to a matte skin surface. 💕Other Thoughts: This wears well under makeup it doesn’t disturb my concealer and it doesn’t move anything around. So far this hasn’t irritated my sensitive eyes and I have experience zero milia bumps from it. The only thing is that I think for me this is going to become more of a day eye cream. At night I like to use something a little more dense in texture - that’s just my personal preference. This does contain HA, Antioxidants, Squalane, Avocado oil, and other ingredients. Oh and I have also used this on my lips but I haven’t noticed a huge difference there. So I think I’m going to pass on that step from now on. P.S sorry if this is super long I just wanted to give you a detailed first impressions. ❤️ Retails for $26 *PR Gifted

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Would you use an eye cream on your lips too? It’s a weird concept so I think it will all come down to texture. Mega beauty blogger queen, @sortofobsessed on Instagram gave Bubblewrap a solid review as a day cream, favoring its airy texture, but just mediocre as a night cream and lip balm.

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@EsteeLaundry, the anonymous, call out Queen of the beauty industry had some harsh words to say about Bubblewrap. Glossier has been called out numerous times for the amount of waste that comes with purchasing their products. Is @EsteeLaundry right to call Glossier tone-deaf for naming the product Bubblewrap, or is it a reach? 

The verdict is in that thoughts on Bubblewrap on social media are pretty divided. It's a new product, so if you're looking to buy it and want a good review, it'll be best to wait at least a month so your fave bloggers can really try it and give full feedback.

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