GlamGlow's Holiday Beauty Set Is Packaged on a WORKING Ferris Wheel

GlamGlow just announced their latest holiday treat, and they’re getting extra festive with a Big Wheel of Sexy. Because who wouldn't want a fully functional ferris wheel of GlamGlow products?

The only downside is that this set is hella expensive. Refinery29 explains that the Big Wheel of Sexy will set you back $349, but that's still a decent deal considering the products normally cost $479 any other time of year.

While the price might seem steep, the set is packed with a ton of your skincare necessities favorites, including Youth Mud, Super Mud, Thirsty Mud, Gravity Mud, Glowstarter, Volcasmic, Dreamduo, Plumprageous Matte in Clear and a double ended application brush. The Big Wheel of Sexy is just GlamGlow’s holiday gift to us — seeing as their gifting us with a $120 discount and a free ferris wheel filled with skincare goodies to enjoy.

Obviously there are way too many gorgeous sets to choose from, which means it's time to start dropping some not-so-subtle hints to parents (or your sugar daddies) so you can get them all.