Faux Freckles Are Having a Moment, & Here's How to Create Them with Makeup

In 2018, we’re all about embracing uniqueness and standing out. Some of us who have freckles have most likely struggled with how to hide them in the past. Well, now we're laughing, as everyone else is adding fake freckles to their makeup routines!

No matter how you feel about these adorable little spots, freckles are a great way to add a youthful twist to your look. Faux freckles are, however, tricky to create while keeping them realistic looking. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite tutorials to help you get the perfect freckled look the first time around.

1. The Basic Faux Freckle

Here, Nyane Lebajoa uses the color 1987 from the UD x Gwen Stefanie Pallette to dot on freckles with a thin brush. She adds the freckles on top of a full face and works from the bridge of her nose toward her cheekbones, adding a few specks near her brows as well.

2. Galaxy Freckles

Maybe you’re looking for a fun freckled look for a costume, or you just want to show off your love of space. Either way, these freckles add pop to any look (and can be hacked to completion with less intensity than what occurs in the video, because lazy girls – we see you).

Here, Miranda Hedman starts by dusting a base of pink eyeshadow across her cheekbones and on the tip of her nose. She then layers on light blue eyeshadow, this time adding more to the bridge of her nose. She finishes by using white and silver liquid eyeliners to dot freckles across her nose and cheeks, adding larger star-like freckles in white.

3. Super Natural Freckles

To make sure you’re giving off the illusion of real freckles, Chloe Morello uses two different brow gels, one lighter and one darker, to add dimension to her faux freckles. She pats over the dotted-on freckles with her finger to make sure the freckles are blended with her skin and don’t look too drawn on.

4. Glitter Freckles

Glitter freckles are definitely a way to stand out at a party, festival or concert, and will add insane sparkle to your everyday outfits. Here, Ali Wirth uses fine glitter she bought from a department store and lash glue to stick the glitter onto her face. She uses a q-tip so that she can apply the glitter individually and enhances it all by adding a couple of natural-looking freckles with a brown liquid eyeliner.

5. Enhancing Natural Freckles

If you’re lucky enough to have natural freckles, it’s time to embrace them! Summer Kellsey uses a sheer mineral foundation to show off her freckles while also covering acne and red spots. She adds a translucent powder on top to set the foundation and adds concealer after the setting powder (only where she needs it). To combat dark circles without covering her freckles, she only adds concealer to the shadow of the under eye bags. She ends by adding a peach colored blush to her cheeks.

Are you ready for this fresh freckled twist to your everyday look?