Expectation vs. Reality: Pinterest-Worthy Beauty

Sometimes we get stuck in beauty ruts—we apply our makeup the same way every day, repeat the same hairstyles, and gravitate towards the same polish color each time we get a manicure at the local nail salon. To change up our routines, we look to Pinterest as a source of beauty inspiration. However, copying a hairstyle or makeup look from the Internet is not as easy as it may seem; and for some, failure is epic. Below are some of the worst Pinterest beauty fails as girls across the globe attempt to copy hair, makeup, and nails seen on the web.

1. Cartoon nails

The cartoon nails look is absolutely adorable. But when it looks like a Sharpie was used to color in your cuticles... not quite the look we want.

2. Sock bun

Sock buns seem effortlessly chic, and while it looks like this girl tried her best, we'd say you should leave the sock in your drawer!

3. Leopard eyes

Leopard eyeshadow is hard enough to pull off as it is. This failure takes the makeup from haute couture to NOT couture.

4. Patriotic nails

We're all about American pride, but sticking to a red and white striped shirt with navy shorts may have been the better option!

5. All-natural face mask

Being eco-friendly and organic is totally in right now, but messing around with your skin is no joke. Next time, just purchase a mask from the store.

6. Fancy up-do

You have to be a hair expert to get this style right, so we don't blame this girl for looking like she stuck her head in a fan...

7. Tie-dyed manicure

We're just going to be blunt and say this girl looks like she was in an episode of The Walking Dead.

8. Ombre lipstick

This woman has got the color scheme down! It's the execution that worries us a little.

9. British invasion nails

It's the effort that counts, but we're going to have to say, "Cheerio!" to this manicure.

What was your biggest beauty fail, collegiettes?