Dove Made Fun of the White House's Alternative Facts in This Hilariously Ridiculous Ad

Dove is known for boosting women's confidence, with ads that are often based on telling real women to love their curls or curves. But the brand is on a totally different mission now, and that is to undermine the “alternative truth” that the White House is trying to make acceptable. When Kellyanne Conway referred to Donald Trump's press officer Sean Spicer's inaccurate inauguration attendance numbers as "alternative facts," people got understandably angry—and evidently so did Dove. The brand thought they’d spin the truth as well.

As reported by Ad Week, Dove placed the ads including ludicrous claims in multiple UK newspaper such as the Guardian and times. The claims are hilarious! They include fake facts like the fact that the deodorant will boost your IQ, and your wifi.

The Internet is loving it!

Inspiring us to love ourselves, then fighting for what’s right? Go Dove! This definitely works as a marketing strategy, because I'm about to change up my skincare routine.