Dorm Room Organization Tips For Your Beauty Supplies

Coming to college for most means living (at least at first) in a dorm- it is almost a rite of passage. But unfortunately with this rite of passage comes a serious limitation in space. Luckily there are some fun ways you can organize your beauty supplies, whether that be by presenting them for all to see in fun ways or tucking them away in compact cases.

Method 1: The Magical Bag

For collegiettes who prefer their beauty supplies hidden to the naked eye, the Mangano Better Beauty Case is a great find. It keeps your beauty supplies compact and easily accessible. The case consists of 4 clear detachable compartments for storage. It can be rolled flat when in use, and easily rolled back up again for storage. The case comes in several fun colors and can be purchased from the HSN website.

Method 2: The Hidden Drawer

Another convenient storage method for beauty supplies is to get a number of small containers from retailers like the Container Store or Target, and dedicate a drawer to your beauty supplies. You can use the containers within the drawer, each for a specific product or tool, for instance a container for brushes and a container for makeup palettes. This way your makeup can be quickly accessible, yet out of the way.

Method 3: Beauty Supplies Décor

For those who do not care if there beauty supplies are out and about, incorporate them into the décor of your room. Buy a set of glass mason jars or artful school supplies containers and sort your beauty products into them, then arrange them and voila! Beauty supply décor! For more color for glass jars you can add sand or colored glass pieces in the base of jars to add some excitement to your new installation.

Dorm rooms may limit your space, but they do not have to limit your creativity. For more fun ideas check out Pinterest for other beauty supply organization inspiration!

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