Costco Just Released an Affordable Korean Skincare Case & It's the Best for K Beauty Beginners

Who would have thought that Costco can be more than your one-stop shop for giant boxes of chips and cookies? Allure reports that over the past six months, Costco has become a hot spot for Korean beauty products – all at a discount, of course! 

If being able to buy your skincare at the same place as your groceries, technology and home appliances didn’t sound convenient enough, Costco has decided to make your whole shopping experience even easier with the release of the Case Full of Seoul. This 11-piece set features the best of Korean skincare that promises “more healthy, vibrant skin.” Yes, please.

The set retails for $149.99, which seems pricey at first. However, it's important to remember that this set provides you with an entire high-end skincare routine, and it works out to be about $13.64 per product. That's a lot more affordable than buying each of the products individually! Also, this case ensures that all of the products are designed to work together—which eliminates the fear that your individual products may be offsetting each other or even making your skin irritated. 

Umma, a Seoul-based company, did all the work for you, finding the K-Beauty skincare products for every skin type and letting you skip the online quizzes and confusion in trying to create your own personalized regimen. Umma, which means "mom" in Korean, included a booklet in the case, as well as labels for each of the individual products so that you don’t get confused with your brand new beauty routine! 

Curious on what exactly comes in the set? Here's everything included:

May Coop Raw Sauce Mini Duo ($14.00 from Peach & Lilly)

This toner is designed to basically revive your skin back to its beautiful, dewy nature. It uses ingredients that mimic the molecules found in human skin, so it can be absorbed better.

9 Wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser ($14.99 from UNIQUE4U)

This product uses a rice texture to exfoliate your skin and clear out any oil and blackheads that are keeping your pores clogged. 

One O Seven Core Flex Essential Liquid ($64 from Nordstrom)

This product has 100 percent naturally fermented vinegar and amino acids which means it's a holy grail product for people who deal with acne.

Urang True Rose Repair Essence ($47 from OHLOLLY)

This essence calms the skin, which means it reduces redness and re-energizes sensitive skin by using organic Bulgarian rose water and rose water oil. Is it just me, or does this sound soothing AF?

Tov Camellia Wrinkle-Free Eye Solution ($25 from Urban Outfitters

This solution promises to fill in wrinkles surrounding the eyes with the magic combination of shea butter and macadamia nut oil. Perf on days when your eyes bags are pronounced from the three hours of sleep you got!

May Coop Raw Moisturizer ($40 from Peach & Lilly

This moisturizer hydrates your skin by using unique balls filled with oil that apparently “pop” onto the skin. I'm so curious. 

IWLT Protective Base Suncream ($40.99 from Beauty Wig

This suncream is incredibly difficult to find online, but is currently sold out on Amazon. It contains 70 percent more moisturizer than regular sunscreen, so you won't get any white residue left on your face.

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer ($17 from Sephora

This cult-favorite primer is a bit easier to find, with high reviews on Sephora. Its formula promises that your skin won’t get oily during the day, and your makeup will remain flawless—what more can you ask for? 

Urang Vitamin Oil Serum ($57 from OHLOLLY

This oil minimizes discoloration and is especially great for reducing the appearance fine lines by using rosehip and jojoba oils.  

IWLT All-in-One Concentrate Treatment Mask ($45 from Amazon)

These sheet masks are a staple in any K-Beauty routine. The masks contain pearl powder, Vitamin C and Niacinamide to give your skin hydration, give a brighter look and even out skin tone. 

If you bought all of these products individually, they would cost a lot more than $149.99, proving that Costco has struck yet again with a fantastic deal!