Color It In: 5 Ways to Mix Up Your Fall Beauty Routine

The end of the summer is always bittersweet. While we can’t wait to get back to a campus filled with that start-of-school energy, we can’t help but feel nostalgic as the last traces of summer romances and sun-drenched afternoons slip away. In some senses, the transition from summer to autumn feels like a muting; we’ll have to pack away our rainbow flip flops for dark brown riding boots, give up our neon sunglasses for sensible black ones, trade our colorful, ripped festival shorts for blue jeans or leggings. The bright turquoise, yellow, and pink of our summer wardrobe will darken into the browns, maroons and deep purples of the fall. But a darker fall palette is no reason to give up the fun of summer colors completely. Mix up your fall look by experimenting with a few splashes of color in your beauty routine!


Okay, so maybe you had to dye your hair back from its music festival state of bubble gum pink, but you don’t have to leave behind those summertime shades completely! Hair chalk is the perfect way to experiment with bursts of color. The best part? It’s not permanent! Hair chalk will wash out when you shower.

Braid a few colored strands of hair or put it up in a bun to show off your subtle coloring.

Try the UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set for a wide selection of colors.


Save the crazy eyeshadow for a night out and go with a more subdued, but still colorful look for running around campus. While keeping the rest of your face toned down, line just your upper lashes with a bold color – gold, electric blue, sparkly green – to make your eyes pop. Check out Urban Decay for some great colors. Alternatively, you put blend just a dab of color (try Stila Smudge Pots!)onto the insides of your eyes or experiment with colored mascara


A return to campus merits a return to the classy, simple French manicure—with a twist! Sally Hansen’s nail art pens in all different colors will prove useful.

Put your own spin on the classic look by tipping your nails with color instead of plain white.

Or line the white tips with a geometric pattern!


Fall is the time to try out bold, deep red lipsticks! These colors will draw the eye in the midst of autumn’s browns and blacks. Remember to keep your eyes light when you try out heavy lipsticks so as not to overpower your face.

“Legendary” by Smashbox, “Red Amour” by Laura Mercier and “Jungle Red” by Nars are our favorites.


While you’re experimenting with color, why not try no color at all? Go nude! (It’s not what it sounds like) The key to this look is to let your skin look natural, so no blush and only minimal foundation. Keep your eye makeup subtle with eyeliner on the top lid only and light mascara. Dab a pearl highlighter (We love benefit’s!) to the inside corner of your eye to make them pop. Go with a sheer peach lipstick or lip gloss and complete your look with a final of color—an orange scarf or maroon pants, perhaps?