College Women Getting Botox: What’s the Deal?

What about the Cons?

Botox is expensive

Even though Botox is in such high demand, the average professional Botox treatment costs around five hundred dollars every time you go. And if you thought $500 was already enough to spend on one round of Botox, remember that Botox injections do need to be maintained. What this means is that you’re not just paying big money for a one-time procedure, you’re going to be paying thousands of dollars in the long-run should you choose to keep up your Botox treatment.

Now imagine trying to pay this money while you’re in college or just starting out in your first post-college job. At this point in your life, the thousands of dollars you could end up spending on Botox will cut into your budget, so be sure to factor the financial costs in before heading in for your first injection!

Serious side effects are rare, but know that you’re taking a BIG risk!

While most side effects from Botox are fairly minor and temporary, the procedure has been linked to a whole array of very, very serious conditions that have sprung up after injections. Botox does have the tendency to spread outside the initial target area, a characteristic that has given way to lethal consequences.

In 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public of adverse effects from Botox that ranged from difficulty swallowing to respiratory failure, which resulted in a few deaths. Even though the FDA still approves Botox for medical purposes and their warning came from a medical, rather than a cosmetic standpoint, be very aware of the risk you’d be taking if you decide to go through with a Botox injection. Past Botox patients have reported muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, and speech difficulties following their procedures, even when the Botox was administered by a professional.

It’s important for you to remember that even though Botox injections are done in very small doses, you’re still going to be introducing a powerful toxin into your own body. Not only is this a terrifying thought, but it’s one you need to consider if you’re thinking of getting Botox. Are you willing to have something so dangerous injected into your body? Most of all, are you ready to deal with the consequences should something go very wrong?


Medical professionals weigh in: should young women be getting Botox?

More and more young women may be coming to him for Botox injections, but Dr. Miranda stresses that Botox for girls our age or a bit older is, for the great majority of cases, not needed.

“Botox before the age of 25 is usually unnecessary, and I will turn away a patient that doesn't need it,” says Dr. Miranda. “Only when the wrinkles start to show is when a small injection can help with the prevention of deep lines in the future.”

In fact, while many medical professionals aren’t opposed to Botox itself, there is a bit more hesitation on their part when the idea of college age women getting Botox comes into question.

“I generally don’t think that Botox has to be a male or female, young or old kind of procedure, but I have turned patients away before,” attests Dr. Farouzanpour. “Either the patients were too young or, because they were so young, the lines in their face were too shallow for them to even be a concern. While the decision to get Botox done lies with young women, girls who are nineteen, twenty, twenty one don’t need it unless you’re looking at extreme cases.”

So what can you do to fight aging and wrinkles instead? Keep applying your moisturizers and sunscreens, exercise, and eat healthy, advises both Dr. Miranda and Dr. Farouzanpour. Leading a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of your skin are much safer, and cheaper, substitutes to Botox that are also more appropriate for the college and 20-something crowd. There are so many natural ways to keep wrinkles at bay and habits you can kick to look younger, and you should definitely look into them way before you consider Botox!

However, if you are looking into getting Botox, do your research and find a certified professional with years of experience. Fake Botox specialists offer the procedure for super reduced prices, but the cheaper price tag is absolutely not a substitute for your own safety and well-being. So before you go, find professionals in your area with the right credentials. Botox can already be a fairly risky procedure, and you don’t want any other externalities that can harm you, especially if there’s a chance that the harm done can be permanent.


The Final Verdict on Botox

Getting a Botox injection is a decision that falls largely on you, but be sure that you know all the risks associated with Botox as well! Introducing a chemical into your body can have consequences no matter what context, especially if the chemical is a toxin that can be potentially very harmful. While many young women have gotten Botox done, it’s not a procedure that’s highly recommended for people our age. Make sure to do your research and definitely take a while to consider whether the procedure is right for you.