Cannabis Lip Balm Is a Thing & I Love It

Much like me and past boyfriends, Cannabis and I have a longstanding, tumultuous relationship. Much unlike me and past boyfriends, Cannabis and I have recently landed on some common (non-psychoactive) ground.

Let me explain. I used to be your occasional recreational smoker seeking an easy way to unwind after a long day. This is when me and Cannabis were in the honeymoon phase. Then one day, I took a weird hit off a mini-bong named Jobin, and my mellow highs turned into anxious nightmares.

I decided to break up with Cannabis all together. Over time, as this long-bastardized plant began to emerge out of the shadows as the hero of all things health, I decided to give it another chance with one caveat: Give me all your amazing benefits and none of the psychedelic side effects. At that, Cannabis revealed itself to have so many layers! So many uses! So. Many. Benefits. And they did not include getting high. I’m totally hearts-for-eyes all over again. 😍

One such product? Chapstick. 

One of my favorite non-psychoactive cannabis products is hemp oil. Hemp oil is smooth, lush, and boasts of health benefits such as balancing hormones, healing skin conditions, and being the ultimate moisturizer. When I read that one of my favorite fragrance brands, DedCool, was releasing a hemp oil lip balm for 4/20, I had to get my hands on it ASAP.

DedCool is literally dead cool. It creates scents that are uni-sex, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic — like Cannabis Chazstick, which is made from 100% all natural vegan shea butter and hemp seed oil. It’s lip care goals for days, and while made in part from Cannabis, is completely non-psychoactive.

Here’s how it went down.

DedCool’s Chazstick comes in a thick tube — big enough to easily find when it’s roaming free in your bag. It’s basically the perfect packaging for someone who hates to lose their chapstick (RIP to all the amazing chapsticks lost. Heartbreaking every time). Too, though, the packaging is 100 percent edgy-cool, and it makes complete sense for the person who maaaybe kinda sorta wants to let people know they’re into weed without being overkill. It’s also artsy in a minimalist way, and totally IG-ready.

The application process is pretty simple. It is chapstick, after all, and we’re all well acquainted with our beloved lip balms. It goes on smooth and tastes like pineapples, which is a major plus. I found myself applying basically all day not because I had to, but because I wanted to show off my new best bud and smell like a tropical island.

I love this lip balm. It tastes awesome and is totally moisturizing. Bonus points for being vegan, cruelty free, and for making me feel like a total badass when putting it on. ✌

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