The Best Celebrity Skincare Launches of 2020, Hands Down

With so many skin care brands on the shelves and on our social media feeds, it can be hard to know which ones to include in your routine.

For years, I’ve found myself looking to my favorite celebrities for inspo on what skincare actually works, and which products are the most luxurious. I like to think that incorporating some of their routine into my own is a close second to giving myself a celeb-like treatment in the little ways I can.

Whether it’s because of the growing skincare market or the need for self-care during global pandemic, 2020 was full of more celebrity skincare brand launches than ever! The list of celeb-endorsed brands can seem endless, but the results speak for themselves.

From trying their products to comparing notes with friends, it’s fun to see what your favorite celebrity is bringing to the table — or the vanity. Here are 2020's celeb-created products that are most worth it, living up to the hype and solving common skincare problems in new, exciting ways!

  1. 1. Rihanna - Fenty Skin

    Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty was founded in 2017 with its famously inclusive shade range that other brands have since tried to imitate. And who doesn’t want what Rihanna has?

    Makeup lovers everywhere attest to its quality, so it was no surprise that we all eagerly awaited the release of Fenty Skin in 2020. The gender non-specific, four-product launch included a cleanser, a toning serum known as "Fat Water," an SPF moisturizer, and a night cream.

    Fenty Skin combines clean, big-ticket skincare ingredients with recyclable, aesthetically pleasing packaging — and everyone I know who has tried it has seen the hype. It’s the perfect starter-kit for anyone looking to start a skincare routine or start over with the basics. Not to mention supporting a Black-owned brand!

  2. 2. Emrata - Loops Beauty

    It’s all about face masks. Now, while “face mask” might connote  face coverings for COVID protection, let’s not forget about the humble skincare staples.

    I’ve been known to wear face masks until they dry on my skin, putting them on before writing a long assignment or after a long day. But, finding a good quality one is harder than it sounds, and disposable paper masks aren’t great for the environment. Loops Beauty has come to my rescue by solving both those problems in a cute, affordable solution.

    Loops Beauty launched earlier this year as an innovative, easy to apply, two part compostable mask. Model and activist Emily Ratajkowski is an owner of the brand, which, combined with its Instagrammable packaging, means that it's inevitably made its way around social media. Embrace the hype!

  3. 3. Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare

    In 2016, Alicia Keys famously stopped wearing makeup, and her barefaced photos made it clear that Alicia Keys has incredible skin. With everyone asking her to drop her skincare routine, Keys delivered a collaboration with e.l.f. called Keys Soulcare.

    Inspired by her own approach to beauty, the line is a dermatologist-developed, cruelty-free lifestyle brand. Soulcare prioritizes making the act of making self care rituals. The launch of its most recent collection includes a moisturizer, candle, and jade roller. 

    Soulcare is a great brand for anyone who wants to make their skincare ritual a full self care ritual. As a fan of using skincare to destress, I love the inclusion of the jade roller and candle, which emphasize how important it is to take care of your skin and your mind.

  4. 4. Pharrell - Humanrace

    Pharell has looked the same for over 27 years. When asked about his secret, all he offers is vague advice to moisturize and exfoliate.

    So, it makes sense that Pharrell has released his own skincare line, Humanrace. Per the brand name, the line is focused on inclusivity by being marketed to all skin types, ages and genders. The packaging even includes braille lettering to increase accessibility!

    The line includes an exfoliating cleanser — which is only natural, considering his long-repeated insistence on exfoliation — as well as an exfoliating toner and a moisturizer.

    It's also at the forefront of skincare brands whose marketing isn't solely focused on women! Humanrace is another skincare starter-kit that's at the forefront of inclusivity. Since I’m trying to be more intentional about what causes and ideas I’m supporting with my purchases, Humanrace checks all the boxes.

Cultivating a skincare routine is often a long journey, but the best celebrity skincare lines help take some of the trial and error out of the journey. By creating sets that pack powerful ingredients together and solve common problems by more generic brands, it’s easier and easier to support your favorite celebs while cultivating an enviable and effective skincare drawer.

And more and more, celebrities are saying something with their brands. The best brands support the same causes that their founders support, like diversity and the environment. Hopefully bigger corporations follow suit, but for now I’m glad to try more celebrity products in my pursuit of celeb-like self care.